I'm adding this foto again since I have completely left
the American sector.
I'm not a terrorist, nor a tax evader,
which is the US standpoint
regarding people born but not living in the States.
But there is nothing patriotic about me
even if it's only in combination with ex.
(My new identification label is ex-patriot)
Without getting too political, there's too much going on over there
that brushes me the wrong way.

As Jimmy Carter said already a few years ago-
the US is not very democratic at the moment,
and he didn't mean his political Party.
At this point I could easily start ranting
so with an effort I'll leave it here.
Besides I'm very happy here where I am.




In my 200 year old farmhouse, with fields afoot,
with all of the people who are dear to me,

finale juni 17
with the life I have lead.
Things change.
They always change, even if you drag your feet to prevent it.
The metamorphic laws that dictate our lives each time around
are inevitable.
I embrace them.
And with each challenge I recognize the development


On Monday I went to the US Consulate in Frankfurt.
Despite the bullet proof window between us I'm sure Ms Madnick
and I would have become friends under other circumstances.
There was an immediate rapport.
Nevertheless, the Consular to the United States looked at me
sternly and actually asked-
„Ms Nickel, what are you doing here today?“
I could just about suppress a laugh- are you kidding?
What I wanted to say and fortunately didn't was that after all of the papers
and fees paid I thought I might drop by for a coffee.
She apologized-“I have to ask you this“
And I raised my right hand- as if that could be an assurance of anything
and finalized my renunciation of citizenship
A private revolt.
A distance taking to a lot of things going on that I cannot accept
It won't change anything over there.
But it will change a lot for me.
I'm ready.


The last time I was in the States was under the unhappiest of circumstances-
to close down David's house with Pia and Audrey.
I flew alone and took the Amtrak from Newark.
In NYC the train broke down and we had to wait for a new engine.
It went quicker than expected.
Still it meant I would arrive in Providence Rhode Island too late
to carry on to Little Compton.
Providence hotels are Very expensive, so I took a taxi
in the middle of the night to something on the edges.
The taxi driver was talkative and curious and
sounded like he came from the Carribbean,
„So you come from Germany. And how is my friend AnGEla MerKEL?
A soft g as in jello, the ge and the kel accented .
I can't imagine a taxi driver over here (or anyone else for that matter)
asking about his friend in America.
Funny. There was no portrait of the Donald anywhere in the Embassy.

Maybe it is a revolution.
Recipes for revolutionaries?
No. For Universals.
Okay here some very delicious delicate delectables.

crespelle spinat ricotta

Crespelle is a very poetic word in Italian for the crescent of the moon.
It is also a heavanly light pancake, crepe,
folded in half to the shape of the moon,
filled with fresh herbs, ricotta, and parmigiano.
Or ham and asparagus
Or artischokes
Or aubergine
Or pumpkin and Parmigiano
Or spinach with onions and lots of garlic
Or tomatoes and mozzarella.
For lunch or dinner.


In Germany the Pfannekuchen, translated directly means pancake.
They tend to be sweeter, flufflier and as big as the pan allows.
The classic ones are with apples or plums, dusted with
powdered sugar and mounds of whipped cream.
Ice cream will also do.
Served in the afternoon with coffee.


My favorites from the States and long ago and since then not eaten
are buttermilk or buckwheat pancakes.
Griddle cakes is a better description, 5 inches in diameter.
The batter is the thickest of the three so they hold their shape well.
Served in a stack of at least 3 with melted butter and maple syrup
and crispy bacon on the side.
Tastes best eaten in a diner after midnight with cups of very weak coffee.
Or very early for breakfast,
or on the way cross country.