Breviarium Grimani February

With all of this talk about cooking
and traditions, travels, dedications, and dancing,
you might think that these make up the most important part of my life.
Without telling the whole story here,
Eurythmy gave me my sense of purpose
and reason for being.
Food for the soul as it were.

That said, one of my favorite Christmas Carols is the
12 Days of Christmas.
On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me
a Partidge in a Pear tree.
In some circles it is said, that your dreams between 25 December
the Offering of the Shepards
and 6 Januar the Adoration of the 3 Kings
give a prediction of the year to come.
I like the idea, though it never worked for me.
In Germany, presents are given 24 December,
in Italy on 6 January,
always in accompaniment with family
and the most exquisite foods available.
In the middle is Sylvester, its firecrackers chasing old demons
and with a fresh slate
creating a fresh palate for the New Year.
Now towards the end of January,
it's still much to early to hope for Spring.

480px Januar by the fireside Glass painting from Norwich
So here is something seasonal and delectable
for compfy days by the wood stove.

While foraging for good things to cook for the holidays
I came across this recipe for orange sherbert.

Whip a pot of cream with just enough confectioners sugar
to sweeten gently- not too much.
Squeeze an orange and scrape half of the peel.
Mix together lightly.
Add some still frozen raspberries,
and put it in a container in the freezer.
Very easy and very delicious
I've never made this before,
in other words, a recipe without tradition.
Something new for me, fruity, creamy, only a litttle bit sweet
and just enough bitter, tart, to make it interesting and delectable.
If that is a foreboding for the coming year, I'm ready.

And for you all
my dear friends near and far,
who make my life rich for knowing you,
I wish you the same.
Here in addition a sampling of Lothar's latest passion